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Old Bird Race Rules

After the HOOSIER MILLION DOLLAR RACES, everyone will have the option to enter their birds into our Old Bird Race Series. Birds will be flown from our original Hoosier Classic Loft (164 foot long ) for the Yearling & Old Bird Series. This is The True Test of your Family of Racing Pigeons – Not Only as Young Birds but Now as Old Birds! Let’s see who really has the best young and old birds – Now all at one location!
  • This will be a 6 race series – 100 miles –150 miles – 200 miles – 300 miles – 400 miles and 500 mile races.
  • Watch Live on WINCOMPANION & Benzing One Loft on the internet week after week to see who really has the Best Old Bird racers in the country!  This is your ONE chance to see whose birds can really go the distance!
  • Perch Fees are $150 per year per bird. Fees must be paid within 2 weeks after the Hoosier Final race, or birds will be sent back to the owner at breeder’s expense.
  • Training will start in April and races will start in May – After the old bird race series, fanciers can take their pigeon out or leave them in to race another whole season the following year.
  • Entry fees of $200 per bird will be due after the 100 mile qualifying race.