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Prizes & 2018 Birds

If you have won money we will need a W9 sent in to payout any prize money over $600.   If you have a bird in the top 50 on the final race we need a pedigree for the bird to go to the auction.  PLEASE DO NOT take a picture of [...]

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Payouts & Birds Going Home

We will need W9's for payouts.  These can not be a picture of a W9.  We need to have an original copy either scanned and emailed or sent in the mail. There are still 35 birds that need to have pedigrees sent in.  For the breeder to receive 50% of the [...]

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Hoosier 2018 Final

With the final race being over we would like to Thank and Congratulate all of the participants & winners in the 2018 Hoosier Classic Million Dollar Pigeon Race.  Our final race was a challenge for the birds.  The start of the race was a light head wind for the first 200 [...]

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HOOSIER HIGH ROLLER PAYOUTS BRONZE: 40%    2862 30%    2146.50 20%    1431 10%    715.50 SILVER: 40%    5256 30%    3942 20%    2628 10%    1314 GOLD: 40%    6120 30%    4590 20%    3060 10%    1530 PLATINUM: 40%    9540 30%    7155 20%    4770 10%    2385

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We had intentions of altering the mileage of today's race to 380 miles.  However we had the driver release from 351 miles in Paris Landing, Tennessee.  We were informed of heavy overcast skies in the area.  We are hoping for a clean race all the way through. We will open the [...]

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Final Race Date Changed

We have been watching the weather very closely for the last 3 days.  We have been hoping that rain at the release point and along the course would disappear and the forecast would change to our favor.  That has not happened and the chance of rain at the release point in [...]

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